A wide range of products based on the total sealing system

While concentrating on its high-performance, epoch-making steel-laminated gaskets, Ishikawa Gasket also continues to offer new sealing systems.

Our wide-ranging product line, built on the total sealing system concept, has been gaining a larger share of the market.

Product list

picture:Steel laminated head gasket

Steel laminated head gasket

We provide high-performance, high-quality products that incorporate new technological designs suitable for engine requirements such as gasoline, diesel, small, large, passenger, commercial, industrial, and construction machinery.

picture:Steel vest gasket

Steel vest gasket

This gasket is a combination of thin steel plate and graphite or beater sheet. It is possible to design a wide variety of requirements and produce high quality gaskets. 

picture:Manifold gasket

Manifold gasket

We provide intake and exhaust manifold gaskets, turbochargers, EGR, intake and exhaust fuel pipes, and other gaskets that are compatible with all sealings.

picture:Overhaul gasket kit

Overhaul gasket kit

This kit is a collection of heat-resistant and pressure-resistant sealing parts for the engine, such as the cylinder head, exhaust manifold, intake manifold, and exhaust pipe. We have several products for various customers around the world.

picture:Heat insulator

Heat insulator

With a structure with excellent heat insulation and high-precision press working, we take measures against heat damage to engine parts. We are also researching and developing products that enhance heat retention, which will be important in the future.

Changes in gasoline and diesel engine production since 2005

Gasoline engine

Changes in Gasoline engine production

Diesel engine

Changes in Diesel engine production

Although the market is changing due to the spread of electric vehicles, the demand for high power engines such as agricultural machinery, ships, and generators is still strong.
Gaskets will continue to be needed for a long time in the future.

In an effort to achieve a decarbonized society with the goal of "gasoline free cars", there is a worldwide movement to shift to electric vehicles (EVs) and fuel cell vehicles (FCVs).

Ishikawa Gasket mainly develops and produces products for medium and large diesel engines used in commercial vehicles, construction machinery, and industrial machinery. Diesel and natural gas-fueled engines will continue to play an important role in heavy-duty vehicles and we believe that there are many opportunities for us to play an active role. 

We are taking a new challenge and have newly developed and shipped Current Collector Plate for a Fuel Cell Stack.

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