For the purpose of keeping the beautiful earth with precious life,
we are committed to according environment and human being,
which is also quite inseparable with the mission to enhance the balue of automotive engine.

We are engaged in the development, design, production, sales and service activities of gaskets for internal combustion engines such as automobile engines. We will bear in mind the management charter through the process of these activities, and promote activities for environmental conservation and environmental risk reduction so that society can develop sustainably. 

1. We will always be aware of the environmental aspects related to the activities of the products and services we provide, promote environmental protection such as prevention of environmental pollution, and continuously improve the environmental management system to improve environmental performance.

2. We will comply with environment-related laws and regulations related to our activities and other requirements that we have agreed to.

3. We will work on the following as priority issues for environmental management regarding energy saving, resource saving, waste saving and reduction of environmentally harmful substances.

3-1.Resource saving, waste saving
(1) Reduce environmental load and improve productivity by improving processes, etc.
(2) Reduce the basic units of raw materials such as steel, coating, and organic solvents.
(3) Reduce factory waste

3-2.Energy saving
(1) Energy saving policy Optimize the management of equipment and machinery and improve the energy consumption intensity by 1% or more per year
(2) Development design policy Consider reducing energy consumption required for production at the stage of material development and product design
(3) Policy on new installation and renewal of equipment Consider energy consumption efficiency when selecting a model for new or renewal equipment, regardless of production equipment or office equipment.

4. In order to achieve this environmental policy, we will set environmental targets on a regular basis and promote environmental management with all employees.

5. We will contribute to society by raising awareness, so that we can effectively tackle the environment for our suppliers.

This environmental policy will be thoroughly disseminated to all employees and will be disclosed to related parties such as customers and suppliers and the general public. 

1 December, 2021

Shinichiro Ishikawa
Ishikawa Gasket Co., Ltd.

Certificate for Environmental Policy

Certificate Registration No / JQA-EM3471
Registration Site / Utsunomiya Plant Kiyohara Plant

We apply a process approach to achieve quality, price and delivery that can meet the needs of our customers.

We are increasing the effectiveness of our management system to quality by promoting the PDCA cycle as a mechanism to manage each business process and connections between processes, improve manufacturing processes and prevent nonconformities, and constantly reconsider whether those activities are really beneficial to customers. 

Action plan based on the "Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation Children" Ishikawa Gasket Co., Ltd.

Following action plan will be formulated by creating a comfortable working environment so all employees can balance their work/life and can fully demonstrate their ability at work place.

1. Plan period

Five years from June 1, 2020 to March 31, 2025

2. Contents

<Target 1>
Implement telework: 30%


R2.6~ R3.3 Hearing opinions on telework in the workplace and setting up a system for all departments.

R4.4~ R4.3 Implement telework to target departments on a trial basis and identify issues.

R4.4~ R5.3 Implement telework to target departments on a trial basis, identify problem, and review system.

R5.4~ R6.3 Implement telework to the target 5%.

R6.4~ R7.3 Implement telework to the target 30%.

<Target 2>
Reduce overtime work by 5% year on year.

①Set and review no overtime day
R2.6~ R3.3 Hearing opinions on no overtime day and review the system

R3.4~ R7.3 Start implementing no overtime day and regularly schedule no overtime day. Review the result, establish and set in the system.

CSR(Corporate Social Responsibility) MANAGEMENT

Section 1. The purpose

Ishikawa gasket has established CSR guidelines to fulfill our global social responsibilities and contribute to the achievement of the SDGs.

Section 2. The basic policy

Based on mutual understanding and relationships of trust with stakeholders such as customers, employees, suppliers, shareholders, local communities, and the global environment, we aim to achieve zero discrimination and zero poverty, which are the main goals of the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). It is a voluntary corporate activity that enables sustainable development of society with the aim of realizing a better life and a better society.

Section 3. Quality and safety


Quality policy: Based on the principle of "absorbing 100% of customer needs and providing quality-assured products and services, " we promote a quality management system and provide products that meet customer needs.


Produce and provide products that meet the safety laws and regulations set forth in each country and region.

Produce and provide products that meet the safety standards stipulated by the laws and regulations of the countries and regions where we develop, produce, and provide products.

Providing customers with appropriate information about our products.

We will not only comply with laws and regulations, but also appropriately communicate necessary information from the customer's perspective regarding product content and handling.

Section 4. Human rights and labour

《Elimination of discrimination》

All workers treated fairly regarding benefits, such as application, employment, promotion, equal payment, the same opportunity to be trained, work assignments, wages, benefits, punishment, dismissal, retirement, etc…. We will not discriminate such as race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, age, gender, etc... on the basis of the protected individuality of each country or region.

《Respect for human rights》

We will not do any harassment in the workplace, such as race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, age, gender, etc..., which should be protected by the laws of each country or region.

《Child labour》

We will not employee any workers under 15.

We will employee all workers at least 15 years old, the minimum age for employment or the age for completing compulsory education, whichever is the highest, according to the laws and regulations of each country or region.

Any workers under 18 do not undertake hazardous work.

Regarding training, employment will only be permitted to the extent permitted by the laws and regulations of each country and region.

《Forced labour》

We will not be forced any workers.

All workers are not forced, coerced or under threat to accept or maintain work, free to terminate their employment giving reasonable notice, and have access to their identity documents or passports whenever they require them.


Comply with the laws and regulations of each country and region regarding minimum wages, overtime, wage deductions, piecework wages, and other salaries.

《Hours of work》

Comply with the laws and regulations of each country and hours of work include in overtime and off work.

《Open grievance mechanism》

All workers are free to talk to company management.

《Health and Safety》

All workers can work safety and keep health conditions, and machinery safeguards are used to prevent incidents.

Support the health of all workers through workplace health promotion activities and guidance on disease prevention.

《Non-use of items from inhumane areas or countries》

We will strive not to purchase, use, or sell raw materials, parts, products, or merchandise from inhumane regions or countries.

《The career development》

Support the career and skill development of all workers.

Section 5. Environmental

Environmental policy: For the purpose of seeking the beautiful earth with precious life, the value of automotive engine, we are committed to according environment and human being, which is also quite inseparable with the mission to enhance.

《Environmental management system》

In order to promote a wide range of environmental activities, region and establish an environmental management system, which we will continuously operate and improve.

《Reducing Greenhouse Gas emissions》

1. In order to contribute to the prevention of global warming, we will manage and promote Greenhouse Gas emissions in our business activities.

2. Contribute to reducing Greenhouse Gas emissions by promoting the supply of parts for transportation equipment that reduces Greenhouse Gas emissions.

《Prevention of environmental pollution of air, water, soil, etc... 》

We will comply with the laws and regulations of each country and region regarding the prevention of pollution of air, water, soil, etc..., and strive to prevent environmental pollution by continuously monitoring and reducing pollutants.

《Resource saving and waste reduction》

We will comply with the laws and regulations of each country and region regarding the proper treatment and recycling of waste, and strive to reduce the amount of final disposal of waste through the effective use of resources.

《Chemical substance management》

Control chemical substances that have the potential to pollute the environment.

We will not provide products that contain chemical substances prohibited by the laws of each country or region to any country or region.

We do not use prohibited chemical substances in our manufacturing processes, and we ensure that chemical substances that are prohibited from being included in products and chemical substances that are discharged to the outside are appropriately monitored, including monitoring the amount released and reporting to the government. to manage.

Section 6. Compliance

《Compliance with laws and regulations》

Comply with the laws and regulations of each country and region.

We will strive to establish and operate reporting, training system and so on to ensure thorough compliance.

《Compliance with antimonopoly act》

We will comply with the competition laws of each country and region, and will not engage in acts such as private monopolization, unfair trade restrictions, unfair trade practices, or abuse of a dominant position.


We will make political contributions and donations in accordance with the laws of each country and region, and strive to build transparent and fair relationships with politics and government. We will not provide any gifts or money to customers, suppliers, or other business partners for the purpose of gaining or maintaining unfair profits or unfair preferential leases.

《Eliminating relationships with anti-social forces》

Eliminate relationships with anti-social forces.

《Management and protection of confidential information》

Protect personal information of customers, suppliers, other business partners and employees, as well as confidential information of them shall be obtained through legitimate methods, strictly managed, and used within an appropriate scope.

《Export transaction management system》

We will thoroughly implement appropriate export procedures and controls regarding the export of technologies and goods that are regulated by the laws and regulations of each country and region.

《Protection of intellectual property》

We will protect the intellectual property that we own or belong to, and we will not illegally obtain, use, or infringe on the intellectual property of third parties.

Section 7.  Disclose information

In addition to appropriately disclosing information such as the status, performance, and details of business activities to stakeholders, we value open and fair communication and aim to maintain and develop mutual understanding and trust with stakeholders.

Section 8. Risk Management

Analyze risks related to business activities and strive to build and operate management system.

Strive to formulate, maintain and manage BCP.

Section 9.  Social Contribution

We will continue to contribute to society in order to coexist with society.

《Contribution to the local community》

We strive to continue activities aimed at creating a better future society, including activities in the local communities.

Section 10. Deployment within the company and to business partners

We will correctly understand the importance of CSR and promote its implementation within the company and with our business partners.

《At the company》

Clarify, maintain, and manage the organizational structure and division of responsibilities for promoting CSR activities.

《Business partner》

We will strive to understand the actual situation at our business partners and support if necessary.

Our Approach to Sustainability

What we can do for the children's future. Toward a Safe and Sustainable Society

Toward Carbon Neutrality

1)Development of materials, specifications, and manufacturing methods that enable decarbonization

  • Development of materials that can be used in various environments (energy saving, heat resistant, wear resistant).
  • Development of manufacturing method and tooling to achieve long life, low cost, and high productivity.

2)Product development for electric vehicles

  • Establish product specifications to achieve low cost, low friction

3)Increase development speed by improving efficiency and productivity

  • Establish evaluation method to reproduce phenomena (tracking, crack resistance)

※What is Carbon Neutrality?  →

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